The Fell Types

Said Harry Carter, in his The Fell Types: What has been done in and about them (Oxford University Press, New York, 1968):

“Technical imperfection is undoubtedly part of the character of ‘Fell’ in print. The pieces of type differ in height to an extent that horrifies a type-founder and tries the patience of a machine manager; their faces are not horizontal, many are not struck at the correct angle with the vertical. By employing modern techniques it would be possible to put these things right, but so far nobody dares propose it; too much of the evident difference between Fell and other types would be lost.”

The Fell Types were digitized by Igino Marini:, and he has made them available for free download, as long as you acknowledge his authorship when you use it.

The Fell collection includes 16 variants, in TrueType and advanced OpenType formats, with two collections of “flowers” or dingbats: