Quark’s ilovedesign.com Growing

Quark has announced that their community-based website for designers ilovedesign.com now has more than 10,000 registered users regularly uploading designs, and that many more are browsing the design gallery and using the resources on the site on a daily basis.

Users are participating from more than 60 countries, spread throughout the world. The site encourages designers to not only showcase their own work but also to be inspired by the work of others and discuss their love of design. The online portfolios section is particularly popular — users can view, rate, and be inspired by other peoples’ work, and also search for their friends and receive regular updates on their activities on ilovedesign.com.

In addition to supporting design uploads in JPG and PDF format, users can also showcase rich media projects in Flash(SWF) format. These projects can be uploaded directly to the site for viewing within the gallery, or linked to an existing user site.

The website also features video testimonials from prominent designers, including David Carson, Peter Saville, Chipp Kidd, and Otmar Hoefer.