How to Back Up Your Output Styles

Last week, I needed to reinstall QuarkXPress 8 and lost my Output Styles, which included my custom PDF output settings.

I thought I was being clever by saving my Preferences file, but that doesn’t contain my Output Styles — those are stored in a separate file in the Preferences folder named OutputStyles.xml. I had overlooked it, because all the other items in the Preference folder are either “.prf” files or cache folders, both of which would be rebuilt when QuarkXPress next launched.

Time Machine to the rescue! Fortunately, since I’m running Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, and I enabled Leopard’s Time Machine backup, I could go back to my last installation of QuarkXPress and grab that OutputStyles.xml file. After moving it back into the Preferences folder, my custom Output Styles returned.

Lesson: if you’re in the habit of backing up your XPress Preferences.prf file, and you don’t want to back up your entre Preferences folder, at least back up your OutputStyles.xml file.