Quark Releases Free Guide to Integrating QuarkXPress with Adobe Creative Suite

Quark has a free downloadable booklet about using QuarkXPress with Adobe’s Creative Suite, at www.8.quark.com/en/cs_integration. If you’re wondering about how far Quark has come in supporting (and surpassing) Adobe’s applications, this is a great place to start. And it’s not just a marketing piece — each section points out the limitations you’ll encounter when working with Adobe documents in QuarkXPress. That in itself is a useful tool for anyone using QuarkXPress!

The booklet and Web pages highlight Quark’s longstanding ability to import and manipulate native Photoshop files, and its new ability to import native Illustrator files. It also explains how to export HTML for use in Dreamweaver, and how to use the new Flash-creation features in QuarkXPress. In addition, ito explains how to import and export PDF files, and has a final chapter for InDesign users that explains how to use QuarkXPress.

At the end is a helpful chart that compares what QuarkXPress 8 can do with files from Adobe Creative Suite, versus what InDesign CS4 can do with them. Here’s a small version of it:

In addition to the downloadable booklet, the Web page also includes a brief video that highlights Quark’s integration features, and four special pages that focus on these topics:

  • QuarkXPress and Adobe Photoshop
  • QuarkXPress and Adobe Illustrator
  • QuarkXPress and Flash
  • Other Points of Integration & Side-by-side Integration Chart

The Illustrator page includes a 20-minute video on how to use QuarkXPress to create illustrations, and the Flash page includes a 45-minute video on how to create sophisticated Flash designs in QuarkXPress.

The booklets are available in English, International English, French, German and Italian, with Spanish to come.

I did see one interface glitch on the Web page: the four links at the bottom of the page aren’t working, so use the tabs at the top to take you to those same places.