IT Enquirer to Publish Seven Reports on Cross-media Publishing Systems

In the past, I’ve mentioned IT Enquirer’s reports, such as “QuarkXPress vs. InDesign Efficiency Report” and “Report Analyses Quark Publishing System 7, Smart Connection Enterprise, and K4“. Now, IT Enquirer has announced their plan to release seven new reports that focus on cross-media publishing.

The first, “vjoon K4 6.0 Workflow Report” is available now. You must register at the site to read it.

The second report, on WoodWing Software Enterprise 6, is due in December. But one upcoming report that will be of interest to QuarkXPress users will compare the Flash capabilities of InDesign CS4 to QuarkXPress 8. And another will cover Quark Publishing System 8 (QPS 8). Also planned are reports on Easypress Atomik Quantum Publisher, Quasar Technologies’ NUQLEO, and others.

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