Master the Measurements Palette

Production professionals know that it’s far faster to navigate by keyboard than by dragging a mouse around. QuarkXPress’s Measurements palette provides quick navigation to any item, and you can access it with keyboard shortcuts. 

For example, if all you want to do is change the font on selected text, press Command-Option-Shift-M to get to the Font field, then press your keyboard’s arrow keys to move up and down the list of fonts. (Windows: Ctrl-Alt-Shift-M)

If you often change other attributes in the Measurements palette, press Command-Option-Shift-M to get to the Font field, and then press Tab or Shift-Tab to move from field to field. If you remember how many Tabs it takes to get to a specific control, you can very quickly make repetitive changes.

Here’s an even quicker shortcut for QuarkXPress 7 and above: press Command-Option-M to get to the first field in the Measurements palette, then Tab to the field you want. (Windows: Ctrl-Alt-M)

Another alternative to mousing is to use an automation utility such as QuicKeys, which lets you perform almost any action or sequence of actions with just one keystroke!