See Complete Picture Paths

The Usage dialog box in QuarkXPress displays the file name and path for any imported picture. Unfortunately, the box usually isn’t wide enough to display the entire path. (In QuarkXPress 7 and 8 you can resize the Usage dialog box, but often even that isn’t enough.)

Here are two ways to see the full path to a picture: first, choose Utilities> Usage to open the Usage dialog box. Then either:

1. In QuarkXPress 7, you can mouse over the file name and wait a moment. A small box will appear that displays the entire path. (This doesn’t seem to work in QuarkXPress 8.)

2. Click the “More Information” disclosure triangle under the list of files. This will display everything QuarkXPress knows about the picture.

Bonus tip: In QuarkXPress 7 or 8, you can copy the complete path and any other information from the More Information area by selecting it and pressing Command-C (Windows: Ctrl-C).