Video Tutorial: Convert Dingbats to Picture Boxes

If you often use the same dingbats or illustrations from a picture font in QuarkXPress, you can eliminate the need to include the font when outputting if you convert those characters to picture boxes in QuarkXPress. This video by Jay Nelson shows you how.

PLAY Video: Convert Dingbats to Picture Boxes

Just select the character(s) and choose Style> Text to Box, or in QuarkXPress 8, choose Item> Convert Text to Boxes.

The result is a native QuarkXPress picture box shaped exactly like the dingbat, and the font is no longer necessary for output. You can change its shape with the Pen tool, fill it with a picture or text, color it with a gradient — everything you can do with any box.

Here’s a second tip: If your dingbat falls at the beginning or end of some text, you can anchor it in the text while you’re creating it. If you’re using QuarkXPress 7 or earlier, just hold down the Option key when choosing Style> Text to Box. In QuarkXPress 8, just choose Item> Convert Text to Boxes> Anchored.