Quark’s Quick Look Filter Lets You Preview QuarkXPress Documents in Leopard

I am WAY excited about Quark’s new filter for the Quick Look feature in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. It lets you visually flip through your QuarkXPress documents in the Finder, just like you can flip through your albums in iTunes!

Although it only shows the first spread of each document, that’s usually enough to identify a project. And while the preview is limited to the resolution of the preview that QuarkXPress builds into its files, Quark dramatically improved those previews in QuarkXPress 7.31 and above.

Make sure to try switching your Finder window to Cover Flow view as you see above (View> as Cover Flow or Command-4) — it’s just so cool! 

And here’s a power user tip: create a Smart Folder that will show all your QuarkXPress documents in one window! (File> New Smart Folder or Command-Option-N) The trick is to set the “Kind” as “Other” and then type in “QuarkXPress project”, just as you see above. 

You can also limit the Smart Folder to showing only the QuarkXPress documents located in a particular folder or volume, or that were last created or saved during a certain time frame, or that have a particular word in their file name. 

Quark’s Quick Look filter even adds new criteria to the Smart Folder options: QuarkXPress Layout Names and QuarkXPress Style Sheets.

If you find a combination of Smart Folder criteria that seem like they’d be useful later on, you can save the Smart Folder and it will update in real time as the content of your Mac changes. Just click the Save button and give it a location.

The newest version of Quark’s Quick Look filter supports documents saved from QuarkXPress 8 as well as from earlier versions.

You can pick it up at the Quark Labs website.

Caveat: I noticed that a few of my documents don’t have previews, but my QuarkXPress documents go back to version 3, some of them have custom icons created by long-lost third-party XTensions, and some were created by beta versions of QuarkXPress. You’ll probably have better luck.