Quark Now Supports Adobe InDesign and InCopy in Their Quark Publishing System

Quark Now Supports Adobe InDesign and InCopy in Their Quark Publishing System

Here’s a dramatic turn of events: Quark has announced that their widely-used Quark Publishing System (QPS) will soon support Adobe InDesign and InCopy, making it the only publishing solution that lets users use either QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign as their page layout tool.

What does this mean for design firms, publishers and corporations?

  • You can use either page layout tool to build projects, or portions of projects, and then combine them.
  • You can use whichever page layout tool your client requires, and still be able to use the same content in either application.
  • Just like QuarkXPress users, InDesign and InCopy users can collaborate simultaneously on the same layout, at the component level — story, photo & caption, etc.
  • One workflow system shows the status of ALL your projects.
  • One repository for all your assets, available to users of any application.

Who’s going to use it?

I can imagine publishers having staff members using InDesign to design one part of a project or campaign (book jacket, poster, magazine cover, etc.) while others work on the inside pages in QuarkXPress. I can also imagine laying out some publications in InDesign, others in QuarkXPress, while sharing all the content in real time.

Or not… only time will tell.

Other input options:

There are several other ways to input content, including Adobe InCopy, QuarkCopyDesk, a Web browser, and Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word users can even author structured XML in a process similar to using Style Sheets, just by adding Quark’s Xpress Author plug-in.

For lots more information:

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Quark announced that they’ll have a pre-release program for the QPS XTensions for Adobe InDesign in “fall 2008”. That would mean sometime before December 21.

In addition, QPS 8 will be released in the fall, along with QuarkCopyDesk 8. These new versions take on all the new features of QuarkXPress 8, in addition to the new features added when QPS received a complete rewrite for version 7.

The InDesign XTensions at first will work only with QPS 8, but Quark says they’ll also have it for QPS 7.

The InDesign XTensions will be cross-platform (Mac and Windows), with the Mac version arriving first. Quark says the Windows version will arrive about three months later.

InDesign and InCopy CS3 will be supported first, then CS4.

The QPS server software will run on both Windows 2008 Server and Mac OS X 10.5.

(To hear me discuss the importance of this announcement, check out the October 27th Creative Pro – Design Tools Weekly podcast.)