Professionally Fix Photos in iPhoto

onOne Software’s Essentials 2 for iPhoto is an incredible bargain at $59.95. It combines the best of their professional Photoshop plug-ins into one helper for iPhoto:

The “Make It Better” tool lets you compare color, contrast and brightness adjustments side-by-side, then choose the best result. Based on their fabulous PhotoTune technology, it works like an eye test: it presents two versions of your image and you click on the one you like best. Repeat, repeat, repeat, done!

Fix Photos in iPhoto

“Blur It” adjusts depth of field, plane of focus and selective focus for professional blur effects.

“Frame It” lets you add edge and border effects such as torn paper, brush strokes and real frames and mats. More than 500 frames are included.

“Enlarge It” can resize images up to 400 percent without losing sharp edges and small details. Seriously.

A version is also available for Photoshop Elements.