Directly Edit Items in a Group — Without Ungrouping!

When you want to edit one item in a group, the Content (hand) tool is powerful. The key is to NOT select the group before editing. Instead, just use the Content tools on the items without first clicking on the group with the Item tool.

For example, you can use the Content tool to reposition a picture inside its box by simply dragging inside the picture box. Or, edit text in a text box. It’s even better in QuarkXPress 8: you can use either content tool and it will adapt to the content of the box (text or picture). You can even rotate a picture within its box, just by dragging outside the box.

Additional tips: If you want to resize a box in the group, just drag one of its handles. If you want to move a box within the group, hold down the Command key and the Content tool will temporarily turn into the Item tool. You can then drag the item to a new position. (Windows: Ctrl-drag)