Quark’s “Flash for Everyone!” Webinar

Flash authoring seems to be the Killer Feature that’s turning heads more than any other in QuarkXPress 8.

Quark is taking the hint, and is now offering free live Webinars that focus on how easy it is to create interactive Flash projects in QuarkXPress. Today they announced two Webinars, on October 21 and 23. Each is an hour long.

To sign up, click here for Oct 21, or here for Oct 23.

Here’s how Quark describes the Webinar:

You’d love to use Flash®  — but you’re not a programmer, so what do you do? Create Flash design directly in QuarkXPress 8®  no programming required. You can easily add animation, video and sounds to your projects in QuarkXPress 8. 

In one hour you’ll learn to:

  • Use the built-in Flash authoring tools in QuarkXPress 8
  • Repurpose content to design across multiple channels
  • Leverage the rich design features of QuarkXPress 8 in your Flash designs, including transparencies, image manipulations efforts and more
  • Use QuarkXPress 8 to convert QuarkXPress assets into Flash, for layouts produced in QuarkXPress as far back as QuarkXPress v3.3

Our presenter and expert is Andrew “Drew” Bartlett, Sr. Technical Product Analyst for QuarkXPress, specializing in Interactive and Web. Drew has been with Quark since April of 2005, prior to that he was a Product Manager and Product Specialist for DexMedia where he built web sites and developed interactive campaigns for local advertisers.

Don’t miss your opportunity to create Flash – no programming required!


In case you missed it, here’s a quick introduction to Quark’s Flash authoring environment, by Jeff Gamet: “Easy Flash from QuarkXPress“.

I think this is a clever stealth move by Quark: since almost everyone has a copy of QuarkXPress somewhere in their office, and the upgrade to version 8 costs just $299 from any version, then $299 buys you an intuitive Flash authoring tool that you already (mostly) know how to use.

Who would have thought that QuarkXPress would become the preferred Flash authoring tool for designers?