Everything About Nudging

First, some Nudge tips:

QuarkXPress will nudge a selected item or items by one point when you press the arrow keys on your keyboard. To nudge them by 10 points instead, hold down the Shift key while pressing the arrow keys. For a finer adjustment, hold down the Option/Alt key to move them by 1/10 point when you press the arrow keys.

Bonus tip: in QuarkXPress 7 and 8, you can snap selected items to a page edge by holding down Shift-Command and pressing the arrow keys. Give it a quick try. (Shift-Ctrl in Windows)

If you prefer to nudge by a different amount, you can change the default amount in Preferences> Print Layout>Tools.

To change the default Nudge amount in previous versions of QuarkXPress, get the free Nudger XTension, from Vision’s Edge.