QuarkXPress 8.01 Update Released

Late last night, Quark released the 8.01 updater for QuarkXPress 8, Mac and Windows. According to the documentation, these are the new features:

Enhanced spell checking:

With QuarkXPress 8.01, you can set a preference to ignore capitalization and spacing errors when spellchecking. Click the SpellCheck pane in the Preferences dialog box (QuarkXPress/Edit > Preferences).

The following controls are new
to QuarkXPress 8.01:

  • Check Ignore capitalization for German languages to disable capitalization and spacing checks for the supported German languages. The default setting is unchecked.
  • Check Ignore capitalization for non-German languages to disable capitalization and spacing checks for all non-German languages that support spellchecking. The default setting is checked.

PANTONE Goe Uncoated:

QuarkXPress 8.01 includes the PANTONE® Goe™ uncoated color libraries.

The full lists of Resolved Issues and Known Issues were not available at the time of this writing. We’ll post another story when that information is available.

You can download the updater at www.8.quark.com.