MacUser’s Review of QuarkXPress 8: Positively Positive

MacUser’s review of QuarkXPress 8 is appropriately positive. (Positively appropriately positive? Whatever…)

Here are a few choice quotes from their reviewer, Keith Martin:

“This is an impressive evolutionary step that balances the familiar with the new. The tools themselves are more intelligent.”

“QuarkXPress 8 really does take design grid creation and control to a completely new level.”

“It has been a long time coming, but this is a momentous release that changes a great deal. It gives you more control over native Photoshop graphics than InDesign does, it has stunning design grid and typographic features, and it packs quite workable web layout and actually excellent Flash design tools all into the same environment.”

And in his wrap-up: “If you’re an existing QuarkXPress user, this is what you probably thought would never happen β€” an upgrade easily good enough to keep you this side of the fence.”

Keith’s review mirrors my own opinions on QuarkXPress 8. I encourage everyone to read his brief but enlightening review here.