Quark’s Pen Tool: Now Even Easier

Editing vector-based shapes is part of the daily routine for many graphic designers, and smart QuarkXPress users have been making the most of the Bézier pen tools that Quark added to QuarkXPress in version 4. (For those of you who are counting, that was 11 years ago.)

Now, because of the changes Quark made to QuarkXPress 8, it’s much more likely that designers will discover these Pen tools and forego a trip to Adobe Illustrator. The tools are now featured in a prominent place in the Tools palette, and they now behave the same way as the equivalent tools do in Illustrator.

Quark's Pen Tool

While Quark’s Bézier tools aren’t designed to replace the other design applications you rely on, they are powerful enough to easily create complex vector-based objects, saving you the time and trouble of switching applications just to create them. More complex designs will likely still require Illustrator, but the vast majority of common objects can be created right inside QuarkXPress.

Quark's Pen Tool

The Bézier tool set includes Add and Remove point tools, along with Convert Point, Scissors, Select Point, and Freehand Drawing tools. It also includes straight and curved line segments, and symmetrical, smooth and corner points. Point and line segments can be changed once they are created, so you don’t have to worry if you start a line or shape with corner points when you really wanted smooth points instead.

To create a line, start by selecting the Add Point Bézier tool, and then click where you want the points on your line to appear. Double-clicking ends the line, and Double-clicking on the starting point creates a closed shape. The Add Point Bézier tool is smart, too. Clicking on an already created line adds a new point, and clicking on an existing point removes it — no special keyboard combination’s required.

Need to change the properties of a point or line segment? Use the Select Point tool to grab the part you want to modify, and go to the Classic tab in the Measurements Palette to make the changes

You can grab segments to move them. Anchor points have handles so you can change corner angles and arcs; shapes can be scaled and rotated; and you can fill shapes with colors or even with other objects. If this sounds a lot like the way Adobe Illustrator works, that’s because it is.

Before you dump Illustrator for QuarkXPress 8’s Bézier tools, however, be sure to find out what the output requirements are for your project. Some print providers, especially in the screen printing market, require Illustrator-native files and won’t be pleased to receive QuarkXPress documents. The good news is that if you export your file to EPS or PDF format, it can be opened by Illustrator with full vector editability maintained, so anyone with Illustrator can convert and use your vector drawing.

QuarkXPress 8’s Bézier tools are especially powerful because the perform they way you expect, but they aren’t bogged down with overly complex features. They may not keep you from launching Adobe Illustrator, but they will cut down on the time you spend there.