Add a New “First” Linked Text Box

Back in June, we ran a tip about this, but the directions only work for QuarkXPress 3 and below. Duh!

Here’s the tip for QuarkXPress 4 and above:

When you have a series of linked text boxes, it’s not obvious how to add a new box to the beginning of the chain. Here’s what to do:

  1. Create a new text box.
  2. Select the Linking tool and click the first box in the text chain.
  3. Click the new box. This will make the new box the second link in the text chain.
  4. Use the Linking tool to click the new box again, then click the first box in the text chain. This will reverse the linking order of these boxes.

Any text that was already in the chain of linked text boxes will now begin in the new first box, and flow through all the others.