Affordable, Professional Film Clips

As you’re creating your multimedia projects in the Interactive Layout space of QuarkXPress, you may run into the need for a great video clip. When you do, consider this:

Thought Equity has a new approach to providing high quality film, video and music clips: provide world-class content at $49 for Web resolution. The collection includes several kinds of content: news video clips from NBC news programs, film-quality video clips of standard scenes, such as a pan of the New York skyline, sharks off the Great Barrier Reef, or a stadium full of cheering fans; and footage from Paramount, MGM, Sony Pictures, TriStar, National Geographic, HBO, and many others.

Thought Equity researchers are available 24/7 to assist film editors in finding just the right clip quickly. Thought Equity also provides licensing and rights management, in addition to its large collection of royalty free clips.