New book in September: QuarkXPress 8: Production Tricks and Experts’ Tips

QuarkXPress 8: Production Tricks and Experts' TipsThe publisher of X-Ray magazine has put together what should be a remarkable book on the many fascinating, unique features of QuarkXPress 8. Each chapter is authored by an expert in the field. I’ve read most of these chapters, and while they’re all valuable, some are even profound.

Whether you’re already using QuarkXPress 8 or just want to be aware of the “you’re kidding!” features, this book is the only one I’m aware of that covers these topics in such real-world depth. It’s expected to be available in late September, but you can preorder one now. It’ll have about 500 magazine-sized pages, and priced at $54.99.

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Here’s a peek at the description and a list of topics so far:

This is not your everyday user’s guide — rather this is a unique collection of tutorials and commentary written by QuarkXPress experts, past and present, that pick up where the user’s guide leaves off.

The re-architecture of QuarkXPress
QuarkXPress feature presentation
Getting started with QuarkXPress 8
QuarkXPress 8 ups the ante
Projects, layouts, and shared content
Back to the future with layouts
Append – the new thumbnail drag
Real-live lock
The Zen of document production
A closer look at shared content
Composition zones: divide and conquer
QuarkXPress 8 and Unicode
Looking at ligatures
Your secret decoder ring for invisibles
I’m that type
From interpunct to interrobang
Do you know your ABCs?
Anchors away, design away
Tabula rasa for tables
Using layers in QuarkXPress
Transparency in QuarkXPress
Getting started with PSD Import
More about PSD Import
Picture Perfect
More Picture Effects
Getting edgy with QuarkXPress
Contrast control
Coating Control
Shortcutting your way through Bézier drop caps
The shape-making power of union and difference
Symmetry and alignment
Quark job jackets: preflighting swims upstream
How to stitch a jacket and give tickets for speeding
Trapping and QuarkXPress
QuarkXPress and DeviceN
Color quality in QuarkXPress
Getting your animations off the ground
It’s time for a move
Using QuarkXPress 8’s web tools
Make web-ready HTML from QuarkXPress layouts
Rollover isn’t just for Beethoven anymore
Web forms, part one
Web forms, part two
Putting QLA to work
In the trenches: XTensions
From the tech desk: Installing XTensions

Authors include:

Thomas Allen
Trevor Alyn
Kelly Kordes Anton
Stephen Beals
Joe Caponsacco
John Cruise
Jonathan Ferman
Steve Gray
Davina Hicks
Ernie Jones
Tom Kelly
Joe Root
Cyndie Shaffstall
Greg Stodghill
John Zimmerer