Galaxy Gauge: An Exceptional Graphic Arts Ruler

Galaxy GaugeGalaxy Gauge ($14.95) is a ruler designed by and for graphic designers. Its 18-inch frosted mylar length includes all the features you expect, plus some incredibly useful surprises. Its Leading scale lets you exactly match line spacing from a printed sample, while its Serif and Sans-Serif “E” scale lets you match a printed sample’s font size. A Screen Finder lets you easily determine the line screen of a printed image, while a Screen Density scale helps you visualize various grayscale tints if they were printed at 65, 85, 100, 133 and 150 lpi.

Its Circles & Corners tool helps you determine the correct radius for a circle or the corner radius for a rounded rectangle, while its Angles gauge measures angles to within one degree.

It shows the 18 most common proofreading marks, with explanations and examples. It has tables that convert Fractions to Decimals, show Download Times for files, and show file sizes for various Scan Sizes and resolutions.

It shows Bullets and Rules in all their common sizes. And, of course, it measures in Inches, Picas and Centimeters, with one-point accuracy.

You can read a review of the Galaxy Gauge products in X-Ray magazine here.