A Competition to Re-color the QuarkXPress 8 Interface

The other day, I received an email from Dave Walsh about QuarkXPress 8.

My favorite quote:
“I love QXP 8 but hated the big green move tool so, I changed it. :-)”

Here’s Dave’s take on it:

For reference, here’s the original design in QuarkXPress 8:

I think his design is pretty good… I like how it would seem familiar to Adobe users and yet Quark users wouldn’t be confused by it.

Of course, the interface team at Quark has been working on these tiny details for a couple of years now. I imagine it went through zillions of reviews before being decided upon, so they’re probably not too excited about reviewing another design.

And then I thought: Wouldn’t it be great if Quark let you “skin” XPress? I’ll bet there’s a place somewhere in the application code that calls to a graphic for use in the toolbox. With some surgery, you could maybe grab their graphic, make it the way you like it, and then save it back to its original location.

And guess what? They have (sort of). It turns out that can change the colors of the interface by changing values in a plain text file. The explanation was posted here. As an example, he provides this color scheme:

For those of us who enjoy a Dreamsicle every now and again, Michel Lemieux posted this scheme:

Quark’s Matthias Guenther is even holding a competition to find the best color schemes. The details are in his post.

But hurry: the Matthias Color Competition ends Aug 31, 2008.