QuarkXPress 8 Tip: Save a Default Palette Set

With QuarkXPress 8 now shipping, it seems like a good time to remind people to do one thing when they first launch it: save its original layout of palettes as a default Palette Set that you can get back to later on. Just choose Window> Palette Sets> Save Palette Set As… and give it a name such as “Default Set”. That way, if you later move and dock the palettes in some strange way, you can always get back to the original palette arrangement by choosing Window> Palette Sets> Default Set (or whatever you named it).

Explanation: Palette Sets, introduced in QuarkXPress 7, let you save any arrangement of palettes as a set, so you can easily get back to that arrangement by simply selecting it from the Window menu. You may want to create a set for text-intensive documents, or maybe one that includes all the palettes you normally use for an ongoing project or client.

Inexplicably, Quark does not include a Default Set, nor a way to get back to the original palette arrangement without deleting ALL your preferences. If you’re desperate, you could try this:

  • Find QuarkXPress’s Preferences folder and move it to your desktop. You’ll find the Preferences folder either inside the QuarkXPress application folder or in your [username]/Library/Preferences/Quark folder. If you have both, the one in the application folder is the live one, and you may as well remove the one from your Library folder.
  • Launch QuarkXPress
  • Create the Default Set as described above
  • Quit QuarkXPress
  • Drag the new Default Set out of the Palette Sets folder inside the new Preferences folder that QuarkXPress just created for you.
  • Replace the new Preferences folder with the older one you saved elsewhere.
  • Drag the Default Set file into the Palette Sets folder in the old Preferences folder.

Simple, no? No. It’s much simpler to create the Default set before you need it.