Quark Offers Free 60-day Trial of QuarkXPress 8

Smart move. Quark is offering double the usual trial period for QuarkXPress 8 — rather than 30 days, they’re allowing 60 days of full use. No watermarks, no crippled features, no “can’t save your documents” madness.

I always thought that 30 days was a rather arbitrary period of time for a free trial. I suppose it’s possible that someone with a project that they’re sure would take only 60 days to complete could do the entire thing without paying Quark for the software. But then what? Projects always need updating, and you’d have to own QuarkXPress at that point to get your work done.

And it’s not like someone is going to start to use the trial copy, decide they want to buy it, and then wait an extra 30 days before dropping their cash on it. Well, maybe they would… but so what? Quark gets the money in the end anyway.

I applaud Quark for setting a new industry standard — not just QuarkXPress 8, but the 60-day trial as well.

Download it at www.8.quark.com/en/evaluation.html.