Graphic Inspector is Unusually Useful

Zevrix Graphic InspectorZevrix’s Graphic Inspector is a remarkably handy, affordable utility for seeing every attribute of a vector or raster graphic file, and also for quickly finding all files that match any chosen criteria. For example, you could ask it to warn you about images below a certain resolution, or with/without particular ICC profiles, RGB mode, compression, camera settings, spot colors, or fonts.

Unfortunately for Windows users, Graphic Inspector only runs on Mac OS X 10.4.2 and higher.

To use Graphic Inspector, you drag one or more files or folders onto its icon or into its inspector window. You can also choose them from within its clever, built-in file navigator. For the amount of information displayed, its interface is impressively straightforward. You can even export file data as a text file, preview images, and open or reveal files in the Finder. Iā€™m impressed with its rare combination of price, utility and thoughtful design.

Graphic Inspector costs $40.