QuarkXPress 8: Update Your Style Sheets

QuarkXPress 8 finally lets you redefine a Style Sheet by changing the text on the page, then clicking an Update button in the Style Sheets palette. See how to do it in the story below, courtesy of X-Ray magazine. (This is an excerpt from “QuarkXPress 8: a Suite Response“)

Updating your style

A favored tip/trick that’s been running around for years is the shortcut to select text that has already been formatted, and then create a new style sheet while that text is selected. When you go to the style sheet dialogue box, the selected text’s formatting is displayed and you can capture it by simply naming the style. Now that tip/trick has been given recognized status, a bit of a boost, and called a feature. (It can also be used in the item styles dialogue box [select the box to which you have already applied style before you launch the dialogue box].)

We’ve all seen it β€” the annoying little plus sign next to our style sheet name that indicates the selected text does not match the defined formatting of the style sheet. Oh, sure, we can get rid of it, a simple OPTION + CLICK and the plus sign disappears, but then so does our local formatting (on the outside chance we can remember what the formatting was, we can put it back). With QuarkXPress 8, it’s much more intuitive. If you apply local formatting to selected text with a style sheet applied, (as indicated still with the plus sign), click the UPDATE button and the style sheet will adopt the local formatting and apply that update to all paragraphs to which you have applied the style sheet (thus all paragraphs will now be formatted with the local formatting).

In this example, I changed the text color to purple. I can push this formatting change to all text blocks to which I have applied this style sheet using the update button.

When I add local formatting to a paragraph to which I have applied a style sheet, a plus sign is added to the left of the style sheet name. If I mouse over the update style sheet button, the tool tips shows me the differences between the style sheet and the formatting applied to this selection. Click the UPDATE button or prompt the contextual menu with CONTROL + CLICK or RIGHT CLICK > UPDATE STYLE SHEET > PARAGRAPH or CHARACTER and the style sheet adopts this formatting and applies it to all instances where the style sheet has been used.

Note: If you have made character-level changes, use the update button above the character-based style sheet list. If you have made changes to the paragraph-level style, click the update button above the paragraph styles list in the style sheets palette.