Open XML Converter for Office 2004

With the release of Open XML Converter (free), Microsoft finally makes it possible for Microsoft Office 2004 for Mac and Office v. X to open documents from Office 2007 for Windows and Office 2008 for Mac. This is great news for users of applications that can’t import Word 2007/2008 documents, such as QuarkXPress 8 and earlier.

The utility uses your copy of Office 2004 to convert the 2007/2008 Office Suite file format into a format that older Office applications recognize. It also lets Office 2004 save files in the 2008 format, and can convert batches of documents. An additional benefit is that Office 2004 users can now work with Office 2008 documents without giving up their macros — a feature that Microsoft removed from Office 2008.

Download Microsoft’s Open XML Converter here.