WebXPress: A More Powerful Way to Convert QuarkXPress Layouts to HTML

If you want more control and power when exporting your QuarkXPress layouts to HTML, try Gluon’s WebXPress 7.0. This fast and powerful XTension for QuarkXPress 4/5/6/7 walks you through a series of simple steps to export XPress documents as clean HTML. It can automatically create a hotlinked Table of Contents page from QuarkXPress style sheets (or you can manually select TOC items), and add “next” and “previous” buttons to each page.

WebXPress 7.0

WebXPress can map QuarkXPress style sheets or type sizes to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Text can run around pictures, with picture captions intact. Images are converted to GIF or JPEG, with QuarkXPress’s cropping and sizing maintained. You can easily add hyperlink hotspots to pictures.

Colors assigned to QuarkXPress items and text are converted to HTML colors. Dingbats are converted to HTML characters. Accents and special characters are mapped to HTML equivalents.

WebXPress costs $219, but is also available in a $399 Pro version that can batch-process multiple XPress documents, can export to eBook, XML and Palm OS, is SEC (Edgar) compliant, and is AppleScriptable.