Change & Add Keyboard Shortcuts to QuarkXPress

QuarkXPress doesn’t give you the ability to add or change its keyboard shortcuts. That’s why Badia Software created LiveKeys. This XTension for QuarkXPress 4/5/6/7 lets you customize menu shortcuts, assign keyboard shortcuts to tools and special commands, manage style sheet shortcuts, and share custom sets.

Use it to assign shortcuts to the tools in the Tools palette that you use most often, and to menu items that don’t have shortcuts. It’s also useful for changing default shortcuts to ones you’ll remember, or to match shortcuts in other applications.

Badia Software LiveKeys

You can save Sets and share them with other users. Use it to assign shortcuts to Style Sheets that are easier to remember than Option-#. Or just explore QuarkXPress’s hidden shortcuts that you didn’t know existed.

The free version lets you explore and change shortcuts for menu items and Style Sheets. The $50 Pro version lets you add shortcuts to access tools in the Tools palette see shortcuts that are normally hidden in QuarkXPress, and manage sets of shortcuts.