Last Chance to Buy QuarkXPress 7 and Get QuarkXPress 8 Free

I just received an email from Quark reminding me that anyone who buys or upgrades to QuarkXPress 7 before August 1st will receive a free upgrade to QuarkXPress 8.

The offer applies to anyone who purchased or upgraded between May 1 and August 1. Check it out at

As I mentioned in a previous post, I can think of three good reasons to take advantage of Quark’s offer:

1. Just like every version of QuarkXPress, version 8 will let you save documents down by one version. In other words, QuarkXPress 8 will let you save documents down to a format that can be read by QuarkXPress 7.

But if you buy QuarkXPress 7 now, you’ll have both version 7 and version 8, which means you can save down to version 6 if you need to.

2. You’ll also be able to open, edit and save any QuarkXPress 7 documents that come your way, in QuarkXPress 7, without without wondering if you’ve introduced some new thing that’s native only to QuarkXPress 8.

3. And finally, you’ll get my cool “New Features Overview” video that comes in the QuarkXPress 7 box! Maybe you heard that there were more than 160 new features in version 7. Believe me, there are β€” and I show every one of them. If you’re not up to speed with 7, you’ll miss out on some of the best stuff in version 8! Don’t miss out: get version 7 now.