QuarkXPress 7: Known Issues

Someone asked me a question the other day about whether a bug they were experiencing in QuarkXPress 7 was a known bug, or it was “just them”. Nobody can keep a list of known bugs in their head, but Quark does does maintain a list of “known issues” that haven’t yet been fixed.
You can read it here:
QuarkXPress 7.3 known issues

Most of them are very specific to particular circumstances. Still, if those are YOUR circumstances, it kinda sucks…

Another person asked me whether it was “safe” to upgrade to the latest version. All I could say was that I think of these upgrades like visiting the beach — every person will have a different experience because of their activities, what they run into, what they expect, etc. (even the weather and the tides). And that’s always been true, for every program, as long as I can remember.