Why Isn’t “Single Layout Mode” Sticky?

That’s the question I was asked. What they meant was: when they changed Quark’s preference to “Single Layout Mode” when no document was open, why didn’t it apply to all subsequently created documents?

Well, yeah. That’s what I want to know. Contrary to the way Preferences works in every other case, if you set that preference with no document open, QuarkXPress 7 will still create every new document with multiple layouts enabled. In other words, you have to do this dance for every new document.

Fortunately for We Who Have Upgraded, QuarkXPress 8 fixes that, and it also offers a “single layout mode” checkbox in the New Project dialog box when you’re creating a new project. (That checkbox is also available in QuarkXPress 7 if you’ve installed Quark’s free XPert PageSets XTension.)

By the way, here’s how to enable Single Layout mode:

Go to Preferences (on a Mac: QuarkXPress Preferences or on Windows: Edit  Preferences). In the Project area, click General and tick the Single Layout Mode checkbox. This will change that one project to Single Layout mode.

Single Layout Mode