Embed Fonts in PostScript or EPS Files

Fonts and problems — these two tend to be synonyms in the publishing world. It is often difficult to track what fonts are needed in order to successfully output a file on an imagesetter, laser printer, or digital proofer. FontIncluder 2/XT ends this nightmare.

FontIncluder 2/XT embeds TrueType, Type 1, and Type 3 fonts into EPS and PostScript files. Simply drag and drop EPS or DCS files (DCS 1.0 multiple file, and DCS 2.0 single and multiple file) onto the FontIncluder 2/XT icon.

FontIncluder 2/XT not only embeds TrueType and Type 3 fonts but will also embed Windows fonts into a file on the Macintosh. The Windows version will embed Mac fonts into a file on the Windows platform as well.

FontIncluder 2/XT checks any PostScript file (e.g., PostScript output printed to a file as well as EPS files of any nesting level) for needed fonts. If any fonts are not yet included (as is usually the case with standard EPS files), FontIncluder 2/XT scans folders (that are predefined) for the respective font files and includes these into the PostScript or EPS file. Whenever such a PostScript file is output afterward, there will be no missing font, and thus, no substitution with Courier will occur.

Versions are available for QuarkXPress 4, 5 or 6. Price: $319.