Badia OpenNow Pro 4.0 for QuarkXPress 8

Badia Software will soon release OpenNow Pro 4.0 for QuarkXPress 8 for Mac. This new version sports a modern interface and introduces several new features for browsing images.

OpenNow Pro 4.0

With OpenNow Pro you are no longer limited to opening a picture with the application that the Mac OS X Finder assigns by default. You can select any application you choose, and OpenNow Pro will add it to a list of 50 recent applications. In addition, OpenNow Pro gives you detailed picture information, such as color model, format, resolution, color profile, and much more.

Badia Software has a special offer: purchase OpenNow Pro for QuarkXPress 7 and receive a FREE upgrade to OpenNow Pro for QuarkXPress 8! Visit their website for more information.