Sonar Bookends QkLink: automatic generation of PDF bookmarks and hyperlinks from within QuarkXPress 7

XTensionEver since 1998 and QuarkXPress 4, users have been able to generate Bookmarks and Hyperlinks to include in PDFs that are exported.

But if you do this a lot, you’ll notice that there are some limitations to the process. To overcome these limitations, Virginia Systems has developed Sonar Bookends QkLink. This XTension for QuarkXPress 7 (Mac and Windows) lets you define Bookmarks either automatically or manually. To create them automatically, you tell it which text attributes or style sheets have been applied to text you wish to make into a bookmark. To create a bookmark manually, you highlight the text, choose a menu item, and specify its title, indention level, action (go to a page with a specified zoom factor, open a file, or open a URL in a browser), color and style. These attributes can also be assigned to automatic bookmarks.

QkLink also lets you manually create hyperlinks, by highlighting the text and then choosing a menu item and specifying the action for the link and the color of its underline.

QkLink is available for $195 from XChange International and ThePowerXChange. A free demo version is available to try out.