Create a Preflight Droplet

Acrobat’s Preflight tools are powerful and complex. But you can simplify your preflight life by creating a standalone droplet. Then, any PDF you drop onto it will be tested against specific project requirements, and can then be automatically moved into a different folder and a report generated.
A few of the choices are:

  • List all images
  • List non CMYK objects
  • List text using non-embedded fonts
  • Document creates more than four plates
  • PDF/X-1a compliant
  • PDF/X-3 compliant
  • Magazine ads
  • Sheetfed offset
  • Web offset
  • List images below 250 ppi
  • Compatibility with Acrobat 3 (or 4, 5, 6 or 7)

To create a droplet, do this:

In Acrobat 7 and earlier, choose Tools> Print Production> Preflight. In Acrobat 8, choose Advanced> Preflight. Click Options and choose Create Preflight Droplet.

Create a Preflight Droplet

Choose an appropriate preflight Profile from the Run Preflight Check Using pull-down menu or create a new one by clicking the Edit button. Choose options for what Acrobat should do when a file passes the test or fails the test. Click Settings to specify the details of the report. Click Save and choose a location for your new droplet.

When prompted to choose a report type, choose the default PDF report. This tells Acrobat to create a new PDF document that highlights any problems with your PDF.