PitStop Professional 8: the Über PDF Editor

PitStop Professional 8: the Über PDF EditorWhen you have to preflight or fix a lot of PDFs, there’s no better tool than Enfocus’s PitStop Professional 8. This $699 tool not only preflights PDFs, it lets you adjust many attributes such as fonts, colors, line width, page size and image resolution.

In addition, you can add or remove objects such as registration marks, color bars, or any page item. You can add smaller PDFs to larger PDF pages, record Action Lists for batch processing many PDFs at once, create templates, convert text to outlines, check for ink coverage, view objects that overprint, and much more.

If you find a problem, it will take you to it and helps you fix it.

Version 8 adds the ability to convert colors using the Adobe CMS, Little CMS, or the default CMS on your operating system. Version 8 also supports PDF/X-4, converts font formats, checks for missing glyphs, allows custom PDF profiles, and more. Upgrades cost $199–$299.