Xperience Design: Quark’s Global Tour!

Quark is hitting the road with its “QuarkXPress 8 Xperience Design Global Tour“, with stops in more than 50 cities across North America, Europe, and Asia.

We attended their first event on June 24th at their headquarters in Denver, where they gave an expert presentation of the new features in QuarkXPress 8, and provided hands-on opportunities for the attendees. (Hands-on the software, not the presenters — but you knew that already.)

The changes to how QuarkXPress 8 feels must be experienced to be understood. I suppose that’s why they’re calling the tour “XPerience Design”…

So, I encourage anyone interested in QuarkXPress to try to attend one of these events. Based on some chats with attendees at the Denver event, I believe you’ll be mightily impressed with both the product and the attitude of the company.

Xperience Design: Quark's Global Tour!