Font Examiner Finds Glyphs Across All Your Fonts

Artistic Techworks’ Font Examiner 3 does more than just let you see and print all the characters in a font — although it does that very well. My favorite features are:

  • You can open and work with uninstalled fonts.
  • You can view the outlines and anchor points of any glyph (character).
  • You can copy and paste any glyph as a Bézier-based PDF into Illustrator, Photoshop, Preview, etc.
  • You can browse and copy the HTML code for any glyph into an HTML editor.

But here’s my absolute favorite:

  • Have you ever had a character in a font that you wish looked different? For example, a heart in Zapf Dingbats, but you wonder if there are any other hearts available in other fonts?

Font Examiner Finds Glyphs Across All Your Fonts

Or maybe you need a BIG question mark for a headline… Font Examiner takes you to the characters in other fonts that match your current character. Yeah baby, that’s a feature I can use!

Font Examiner 3 costs $20 and is only available for Mac OS X.