Quark’s Word Processor

A surprising number of people don’t know about QuarkCopyDesk, even though it’s been around for more than 12 years. I wrote about it back in December, Quark Releases QuarkCopyDesk 7,
but a recent question from a QuarkXPress user prompted me to mention it again.

This $249 program is like a mini version of QuarkXPress, but focused exclusively on editing text — it lets writers and editors change the text of a QuarkXPress document without affecting the layout.

QuarkCopyDesk can display text in three ways:

  • as it is seen on the page;
  • as full-screen word-processing text (similar to InDesign’s Story Editor);
  • or as galleys, which is similar to full-screen view, except it shows bold and italic, and its line breaks match those on the page.

Writers can get line counts, see overset text, and use QuarkXPress style sheets. And QuarkCopyDesk actually has greater editing and tracking capability than QuarkXPress. For example, users can add editorial notes to text, either as free-floating windows or embedded within the text, and changes can be tracked with “redlining”.

Version 7 also lets users make changes to the pictures in the layout, such as applying filters, sharpening, cropping, changing blending modes of layers, etc.

Quark has lots of information about QuarkCopyDesk at their website.