Uncoated GoeGuide Now Available

Uncoated GorGuideLast October, Pantone released their new Goe spot color matching system. At the time only a coated fan guide was available, but now an uncoated guide is also available. Each one costs $130, or get both for $199.

Goe has 2,058 colors — almost double the number of colors in the PMS system, with many new blues, greens and neutrals. The colors are arranged chromatically in a logical new numbering system, making it easier to find similar colors.

The Goe system includes the GoeGuide, a fan-style guide that displays every Goe color; GoeSticks, adhesive-backed color chips that can be either permanently attached to a Palette Card that you can give to clients or printers, or temporarily stuck to a specially coated Palette Playground for color experimentation and chip reuse.

The Goe system also includes impressive myPantone Palette Software for building color palettes based on colors in images, for generating complementary colors, and for blending any two colors into up to 64 individual gradient steps. These palettes can be emailed to a client, or manually entered into design applications by using sRGB values displayed next to every swatch. The Goe system costs $499.

For much more info, see Pantone’s (very colorful) “white paper