My Top 3 Favorite XPert Tools are Now in QuarkXPress 8! (part 2)

XPert FindChange is now Item Find/Change

Quark has been giving away 12 “XPert Tools” XTensions for some time now for use with QuarkXPress 7. They were not part of an update, and unless you’ve had your ear to the ground, listening for free Quark XTensions, you may not have heard of them.

If so, you can learn about them and download them at Quark’s website.

All of these new XTensions for Quark are extremely useful, and add a greater level of performance to your everyday Quarking. However there are three in particular that I use all the time, and I find are the most useful: XPert Item Styles, XPert Guides, and XPert Find Change. To use these in Quark 7 you will need to download the set of XPert Tools from the previously mentioned Web page, but for those you who are about to upgrade to QuarkXPress 8, they will already be built in! Yes, these former free-flying XTensions now have their permanent place in the Window menu in QuarkXPress 8, and you can even include them in your Palette Sets!

My previous post focused on XPert Item Styles, now simply Item Styles in QuarkXPress 8. This time, I’ll discuss XPert FindChange, now called Item Find/Change in QuarkXPress 8.
Let’s take a look at how far Find/Change has come, and what XPert FindChange can do for you in QuarkXPress 7, as well as what it can do in QuarkXPress 8.

In QuarkXPress 7, when you select Edit> Find/Change it looks like a simple, straightforward text finder and changer. If you spelled someone’s name wrong throughout your document, such as Rodert instead of Robert, you could find “Rodert” and replace it with “Robert.”

The simple Find/Change window

The simple Find/Change window.

It’s not until you uncheck Ignore Attributes that you really see the power behind Find/Change.

Here are all the extra things you can search for based on text.

Here are all the extra things you can search for based on text.

For example you could find one Paragraph Style and Replace it with another. This really takes the Find/Change feature up a notch! You can now search by font, size, style, ligatures… and so on and make more precise Find/Changes.

Find one paragraph style and replace it with another.

Find one paragraph style and replace it with another.

XPert FindChange

But what if you wanted to search for every image in your document and apply a 2 pt frame to the image? There is nothing in QuarkXPress 7 that can do this. That is where XPert FindChange comes in. Once you’ve loaded the XPert Tools XTensions, you now have more power than ever before for performing Find/Changes. In QuarkXPress 7, XPert FindChange is located under Window> XPert FindChange.

The XPert FindChange window

The XPert FindChange window.

Now you’ll find an almost unlimited number of attributes you can Find and Change in picture boxes, text boxes, freestanding lines and text paths. For example, you could search by number of columns, or box color or size, or shape, corner radius etc… In my last post, I wanted to change all the box frames to be four points thick. Here is how you could use XPert FindChange to do that: simply search for all Picture Boxes, and change all of their frames to the color Black and the frame size to 4 pt.

The XPert FindChange window with the correct settings to change all of my picture frames to 4 pt black

The XPert FindChange window with the correct settings to change all of my picture frames to 4 pt black.

Unfortunately, you cannot search by Item Style, or by Runaround, which I find disappointing. Perhaps Quark will add this to QuarkXPress 9, or better yet in an update to QuarkXPress 8. The other feature I would like to see is the ability to save searches, so that you could easily pick a previously saved search and run it without having to select all the attributes again.

Item Find/Change

For those of you who are contemplating upgrading to QuarkXPress 8, you should know that they have added the XPert FindChange feature directly into QuarkXPress 8, so you no longer have to download an XTension! I found the feature a little hard to find at first, because it is no longer under the Window menu, but rather it is now located under Edit> Item Find/Change in QuarkXPress 8. It has the same features it did in 7, and is very easy to use.

Now that you know about these Find/Change features it is important that you use them. Let’s say you finish a 500-page document, and your Editor wants thicker boxes on images or a different style for pull-quotes, stop selecting every instance and changing it by hand! Let Quark do the work for you in an automated fashion — just don’t tell your boss that it takes less time, or they might ask for more changes!