PhotoRescue Now Klix

KlixJoeSoft’s Klix is the new, renamed version of Prosoft’s PhotoRescue. If your camera’s memory card becomes corrupted, or even if you reformat or delete photos from your camera’s memory card, Klix can get them back for you.

Amazingly, it uses up to different 12 data recovery algorithms to find the recovery strategy that’s best for each image. It then displays previews of your images, so you can choose the ones you want to recover. It works extremely well, as long as you haven’t written over the data on the card.

You can use the demo version of Klix to see if it will work on your specific problem, and then if it does, pay JoeSoft $30 to buy Klix. If you rely on your photos being intact, I recommend keeping a copy of Klix on your hard drive as insurance.

(Note: the product hasn’t changed companies — JoeSoft is a new, consumer-friendly subsidiary of Prosoft, with several other products worth exploring.)