Planet Quark’s Coverage of QuarkXPress 8

QuarkXPress 8Quark’s announcement of the upcoming release of QuarkXPress 8 is the biggest thing we’ve seen in the Quark universe since we began Planet Quark last July.

Quark says that version 8 is complete, but they’re not saying when it will ship, other than “before the end of July”. I guess it takes time to get manufactured and to get the distribution channels loaded.

Meanwhile, we’re uncovering tons of great stuff about the program, including new features and some tips about how to use them. But when should we post them? Now, even though no one is using the product yet? Or later, when the product is available?

Our plan is to not hold back. We’re going to publish QuarkXPress 8 material regularly from now until… QuarkXPress 9 and beyond, I suppose. That way, when QuarkXPress 8 does ship, Planet Quark will be a one-stop treasure trove of information about it.

I’m not saying that we’ll stop covering existing versions. We absolutely will continue to provide relevant information for users of QuarkXPress 7, 6, 5, 4 and even 3. We’ll just mix in some QuarkXPress 8 stuff for the eager beavers.

So tune in often, or better yet subscribe to our RSS feed, so you’ll learn about every new feature as soon as we post a story about it. I’m lovin’ QuarkXPress 8 already.