Free Output Enhancer for QuarkXPress 6

Back in December 2005, Quark posted a free Output Enhancement XT for QuarkXPress 6.5. Because of its high value, and because many users missed it, we present it here.

With it installed, you can create multiple output styles, or presets, for printing and exporting to PDF, EPS and PostScript files. You can even save Output Groups, combinations of Output Styles that let you output several ways with one Print command. These Output Styles and Output Groups enable another new ability: to create Hot Folders that automatically output any QuarkXPress documents placed into it, according to the Output Style or Group you’ve assigned to the Hot Folder.

There’s also a Placeholder feature for adding custom text to each output job, for tracking purposes.
(Note: there are some bugs, so be sure to read the Known Issues PDF.)

Download it from Quark’s website here