See How Your Fonts Will Look on the Web

See How Your Fonts Will Look on the WebTypeTester is an awesome tool for previewing how various fonts will look if you use them on a Web page or other on-screen presentation. You can supply your own text or use the supplied dummy text. Then you choose a font, size, color, leading, background, etc., and then view it as blocks of text displayed in every possible style: bold, italic, uppercase, small caps, etc. Font choices are divided into “Web-safe” (fonts such as Arial, Times and Verdana that are available on Windows and Macs), Mac OS X default, and Windows default, but you can also choose any font that’s currently active on your Mac.

You can create up to three columns, each one previewing a different combination of font, color, size, etc. When you see a result you like, you can click a button that pops up a window containing copyable CSS code for using that combination of font settings.

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