Orphaned by GoLive? Try Freeway 5


Adobe recently announced that they’re discontinuing their website design application GoLive. If you aren’t fond of Dreamweaver, have a look at SoftPress’s Freeway Express ($79) and Freeway Pro ($249).

These are truly excellent, time-tested WYSIWYG applications for creating websites. Aimed at experienced print designers, their page-layout interface closely mimics QuarkXPress — you’ll feel right at home, and Freeway handles all of the technical issues for you.

And this is no wimpy tool: Freeway supports CSS, and includes Google Actions, site templates, incorporating Google content, special effects, and more. Use it in combination with Quark Interactive Designer to create Flash-based Web banners, or simply use QuarkXPress to lay out page elements any way you like, and then export them in JPEG, GIF or PNG format.

If you want to try it out, SoftPress offers a free trial of Freeway, so you have nothing to lose — and you may discover that you actually LIKE creating Web graphics in QuarkXPress and laying out complete websites in Freeway!