Bravo SE Disc Publisher Supports Blu-ray

Bravo SE Disc PublisherAfter you’ve created your amazing Flash presentation in Quark Interactive Designer, you’ll want to be able to pump out multiple copies of it on disc, and automatically print labels on them at the same time, right? Of course you do…

One time-tested solution is the Bravo SE Disc Publisher from Primera Technology.

It costs $1,495, but can burn discs and print directly onto them — up to 20 CDs or DVDs in one session. It connects to your computer via USB 2.0, and can record and print on any Blu-ray, CD-R, DVD+/-R, or DVD dual layer disc that has a printable surface.

Software to help in creating disc labels is included, but you’re probably better off creating your own in QuarkXPress.

Primera also has higher-volume duplicators available at higher prices.