VTools Adds a Grab-Bag of Helpful Features

Vision’s Edge’s VTools ($59) is an XTension for QuarkXPress 6 or 7 that adds many useful features:

It can resize a picture or text box to its content; convert Spot to Process colors; and add industry-standard ad sizes and/or user-defined page sizes & layouts to the File> New dialog box.

Vision's Edge's VTools

It can remove sequences of duplicated characters such as space-space; display the character, word and line count of a story; copy text and paragraph attributes and apply them to other text; change the text rotation, text skew, baseline shift and horizontal scale; and change the case of selected text (ALL Caps, Word Caps, etc.).

The newest features include: Add all images in folder to a QuarkXPress Library; and “Advisory Board”, a redlining and note tool for reviewing and approving changes in text.

Vision's Edge's VTools

Read all about it, and see some nice screen shots at X-Ray Magazine.