Planet Quark Qiki Wiki Now Open to the Public

Qiki WikiSome members of the Quark community users have been working on a project to benefit all QuarkXPress users, called the Planet Quark Qiki Wiki.

It’s a lot like, except focused on QuarkXPress and other Quark products. The content is donated by anyone who has worthwhile information, which includes you and me. Significant contributions have already been made by publications such as Design Tools Monthly and X-Ray magazine, and even Quark, Inc..

It’s beginning to take on a good shape, so if you’d like to poke around in it, and possibly contribute your knowledge and skills to take it even further, your participation is warmly welcomed.

The goal of is to have a living, organic, freely available source of authoritative information on using Quark products. I encourage you to have a look, and consider participating in the Qiki Wiki.